Valentine's Day celebration, 6 February 2014

300 merrry makers at this special event? Wow!


Sacrament of Confirmation, Whitsunday, 19 May 2013

Today marks the culmination of the Youth Ministry' dedicated efforts to help in the formation meetings for the Community's 21 confirmands who received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Auxiliary Bishop Dr Franz Scharl of the Archdiocese of Vienna. Thank you to the Ates and Kuyas  who serve as an excellent example of actively living our faith! May your numbers grow.


The process of "Jesus of Nazareth - The Light of Life"

The play “Jesus of Nazareth – The Light of Life“ (Ed. note: presented by the Youth Ministry in December 2012) was written by Sister Claire, and was the continuation of the play “Jesus of Nazareth” of the year 2011. Because of the successful accomplishment in that year, we had decided to produce another play, directed this time by Adel as Sister Claire had meanwhile returned to Texas.

The production started during the summer break. At the beginning, we had a few workshops to train ourselves for the play. The workshops were amusing and a great experience. The actual practice for the play began in August. We started that early because it was clear that, starting in September the youth would again need more time for their studies. The production went quite slowly but we were able to finish on time. Many youths were willing to help us out, and also they enjoyed themselves. It was not just youth who lent a hand, but also several singers, choirs, young children and their parents, and, of course, our titas, who provided us with food during our practices and also managed our costumes and props that we needed for the play.

However, this theatre piece is divided into two acts: the birth, the miracles, and the crucifixion of Christ on the one hand, and the opposition between good and evil, on the other.

The first theme was “Bring me to life” that shows adolescents choosing the wrong path in their lives, by drinking alcohol, taking drugs, smoking, stealing and committing other sins. Jesus is helping the youth to stay on the right path. The young adults should have faith in Him and trust Him, because He guides us to the right direction. This play demonstrates the pain, which Jesus has taken for us, but also the joy of life. We should appreciate little things more in our lives.

This theater piece should make us realize what Jesus/God has done for us. Because of Him we live a great life. He shows us the right way. We should be thankful to have Him in our lives, although we cannot see, smell or touch Him; He is always by our side.

Through the play we want to express our love for God. We would like our impressions to reach the audience to make them see the true meaning of the Advent time and Christmas. During Advent we excitedly are waiting for the birth of Christ. With this time of the year the church calendar begins from the start again. This time of the year should be a joyous occasion.

Monique Abances


Commissioning of youth leaders, and blessing of confirmands, 17 June 2012

At the community mass today, youth leaders Christian Abainza, Monique Albances, Dominic Biag, Larlhen Biag, Dara-Joy Dacillo, Shawn-Michael Honrado and Gerwyn Oca were commissioned in their apostolate for the Youth Ministry, and the 2012 confirmands received a special blessing and a token - a beautiful crucifix - to mark their receipt on 27 May of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The happy occasion was unfortunately overshadowed by Sister Claire Marie's taking leave of our community to continue her apostolate in Texas. We trust in the Lord that the Youth Ministry will continue to grow under Father Ely's spiritual direction, the enthusiastic charisma of our youth leaders, and the dedicated efforts of many supporters.


Installation of Lay Ministers and Fathers' Day, 10 June 2012


Sacrament of Confirmation, 27 May 2012

45 confirmands of our Chaplaincy received the sacrament of confirmation today, at Holy Mass officiated by Archdiocese of Vienna's Auxiliary Bishop Franz Scharl, and concelebrated by chaplains of the various communities under ARGE-AAG, the non-German speaking Catholic communities in Vienna. Our newly established Youth Choir -which already sang at St. Stephen's Cathedral - provided the entrance and recessional music, in their characteristic praise-and-worship style, which was very inspiring for the congregation.

This event caps five months of formation and leadership training for the confirmands led by Sr. Claire Marie Obrero of the Congregation of Franciscan School Sisters, with the loyal, dedicated and loving support of members of our community including Chato Mina, Luz Salvador, Nancy Villaruz, Cora Aguero, Suzette Caacbay, Gemma Tolentino and Yoly Castillo-Olf.

Following are just a few of the hundreds of photos taken at this happy occasion:


Youth Ministry representatives at Parish Council meeting, 6 May 2012

At its meeting today, the Parish Council welcomed Youth Ministry representatives Christian Abainza, Larlhen Biag, Daria-Joy Dacillo, Dominic Biag, Gerwyn Oca, Monique Albances and Shawn-Michael Honrado who will be participating in meetings henceforth. They are among the 20 youth leaders who have been receiving training from Sr. Claire Marie Obrero as they actively assume leadership responsibilities for this ministry.

Our youth leaders want to promote Christian life by helping their peers as Ates and Kuyas.

 Welcome, and more power!

The Chaplaincy held its first Youth Summer Camp under the guidance of Father Ely Dalanon 7-13 August 2011 at KJUBIZ, the Catholic youth centre in Grossstelzendorf, Lower Austria. The programme of activities focused on the talents and strengths of the 34 participants who, among other things, designed a logo for their ministry.

Youth Leadership Training, 6 August 2011

The Franciscan School Sisters hosted our whole-day Youth Leadership Training on Saturday, 6 August, an activity to prepare for our Youth Summer Camp being held 7-13 August, and also for future activities under this ministry. Sr. Petronilla Herl  (seated, 3rd from left), Vicar General of the Congregation, is shown in the photo with Sr. Claire Marie Obrero who organized the training.



The Chaplaincy hosted a Food Festival in the parish garden on Sunday, 24 July 2011 to raise funds toward Youth Ministry projects. The weather in July was not very encouraging, but the skies held back on this day as if to support the youth, who provided musical entertainment and helped with after-care assignments.

Bowling nite on 18 June 2011. We had lots of fun and are grateful to Tita Luzie, Tita Chat and our Titos for all the support!

Youth leaders Russel Bautista, Sharlene Marie Sitthiprom, Sharmain Heredia, Daira-Joy Dacillo, Monique Albances, Ingracia Capino, Almar Rosimo, Ralph Pacheco, John Morada and Marvin Lay were presented to the Pastoral Council on Whitsunday 12 June 2011. Under the guidance of Sr. Claire Marie Obrero and Father Bong Alejo, they organize and carry out activities under the Chaplaincy's Youth Ministry. Their activities are supported by the Chaplaincy's religious organizations, and several private individuals.

A major focus of efforts is a Youth Summer Camp, being held 7-13 August 2011 at KJUBIZ in Gross-Stelzendorf. There will be space for 35 youth participants, at a fee of Euro50,-- each for the entire week. Those youths who are interested to participate in the Summer Camp, as well as potential donors and supporters are cordially invited to get in touch with Sr. Claire Marie Obrero at 0676 451 0566.

Other activities being planned are a bowling night on 18 June 2011, and a sports fest on 8&9 July. Details will be posted as soon as they become available.