CFC-FFL in 2013

In the beginning of this year, Bro. Frank Padilla, CFC-FFL Servant General wrote in his New Year’s message that he was “particularly excited about our life and work in this new year. Many aspects have intersected. The pope has called for the New Evangelization, the Church has proclaimed the Year of Faith, we are formally launching the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement, and we have taken on a super theme of “Faith Works Wonders” drawn from John 14:12. This year is when we start getting back on track on rapid and massive evangelization. This has always been our calling, our charism, our reason for living”.

Heeding this call, the CFC-FFL in Vienna has embarked on different activities during the year. Here are some of them:

Familien-Wahlfahrt 2013 (Family Pilgrimage 2013)

“Gott geht mit uns Familien” (“God walks with families”)

May 5, 2013, Vienna Austria

The CFC FFL Community in Vienna organized on May 5, 2013 the Family Pilgrimage for the Filipino, Chaldean and Croatian Communities in Vienna Austria by order of Archdiocese of Vienna's Auxiliary Bishop Franz Scharl. The Pilgrimage started with Holy Mass in the morning in St. Johann Kapistran Church (Forsthausgasse 22, 1200 Vienna) celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Franz Scharl and concelebrated by Fr. Ron Sandoval and other priests from the other communities. The various communities also contributed to the music in their respective cultural styles.

Afterwards we proceed with the procession together with the other communities and walked to the Parish Church Floridsdorf (St. Jakob, Pius Parch Platz 3, 1210 Vienna).

Then we end with the Maiandacht, a devotion to honor Mama Mary and a final blessing from our Bishop Scharl and was followed by agape and a one hour cultural program prepared by the different communities.

In his closing prayers, Bishop Scharl mentioned that the Archdiocese of Vienna is proud of the large number of the faithful and its international Catholic communities in Vienna and cited the special place of our Community in the Church and thanked us for all the work that we are doing to live our faith as an example for others.

CFC-FFL Young Ministries

The CFC-FFL Community was privileged to host the young ministries Congresses in Vienna Austria this year.

Regional Kids Congress (Central Region), July 12-14, 2013

The CFC-FFL Kids Congress for the German-speaking countries Switzerland, Germany and Austria took place in the Parish Church Hirschstetten in Vienna Austria (Hirschstettner Str. 91, 1220 Vienna) on July 12-14, 2013.

Around 50 KFL’s joined this fun-spirit event together with the service team consisted of 25 youths and lots of CFC-FFL Community parents and members.

Youths prepared a puppet show to deliver the communities theme “Believe - Faith works wonders”. One of the main goals is to discover the gift of faith and to appreciate the effects of faith in their families, school affairs and friends.

Indeed it was a spirit-filled, enjoyable and lively Kids Gathering with lots of Games, Singing and Dancing

European Singles Congress, July 19-21, 2013

The European Singles Congress of CFC-FFL was held in De La Salle Schule Strebersdorf, Vienna, Austria on July 19-21, 2013. THE LEAP OF FAITH was this year’s title of the Congress, inspired from the book of John 14:12.

The 250 participants from different countries of Europe were led to listen to the different sessions where they heard about the Faith being a gift to us, that it is a journey and commitment that Faith can work in us and that it will work wonders if we stay open to His leading and to His ways. One of the highlights of the Congress was also the various and creative workshops about vocation, Prolife and Chastity and the Exposition to the Blessed Sacrament.

On the last day Archdiocese of Vienna's Auxiliary Bishop Franz Scharl celebrated the mass with these young adults musical accompanied by the Slovenian Choir.

Indeed it was an intense weekend full of learnings, an encounter with God through the different activities to renew, revisit and restore their faith in the Lord.

European YFL Congress, July 26-28, 2013

The European Youth Congress of CFC-FFL was held in Sportzentrum Alte Au, 2000 Stockerau, Lower Austria on July 26-28, 2013. The congress title this year for the Youths was "CREDO" a Latin word  means, “I believe” coming from this year's CFC FFL theme on FAITH taken from JOHN 14:12.

The sessions of the Congress was based on the SIGN of our belief, the Sign of the Cross, “…I believe in the Father (Faith) , the Son (Faith Works) and the Holy Spirit (Faith Works Wonders)…”.

Aside from the Sessions, they also had Sports, Workshops and a Fellowship night.

The highlight of this year’s Youth Congress was the Exposition to the Blessed Sacrament were almost 350 Youths from different countries in Europe kneeled before Christ were in awe of God’s presence.

On the last day Archdiocese of Vienna's Auxiliary Bishop Franz Scharl celebrated the mass with the youths and he expressed his gratitude to be part of this special event.

Indeed, the YFL Congress was a Pentecost experience for all of the youths. Everyone received God’s Spirit that will inspire and push them up to do greater things that are way beyond their limits.

CFC-FFL European Conference, October 4-6, 2013

More than 700 people from CFC-FFL Europe, U.S.A. and the Philippines converged at Evenia Olympic Palace Hotel and Congress Center in Lloret de Mar, Spain for the annual CFC-FFL European Conference. This year’s theme: BE.LI.EV.E.! The host for this year’s conference was CFC-FFL Barcelona.

Speakers for this year’s conference were Rev. Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB, Spiritual Director of CFC-FFL; Bro. Bambi Urgino, CFC-SvFL Servant Leader; Mr. Michael Voris, the founder and President of St. Michael’s Media and Sr. Executive Producer of Church Militant.TV; and Bro. Frank Padilla, Servant General of CFC-FFL.

CFC-FFL Joins the Family Pilgrimage in Rome, October 25-27, 2013

It was with great joy that the CFC-FFL community received an invitation from the Pontifical Council for the Family in the Vatican to come to Rome for the Pilgrimage of Families. The CFC-FFL community was represented by the Servant General, Bro. Frank Padilla, together with his wife, Gerry during the plenary sessions which included an audience with Pope Francis.

Members from different CFC-FFL countries/areas including the U.S.A., Philippines, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy joined in the vigil with the Pope on Saturday afternoon and during the Holy Mass on Sunday morning.

CFC-FFL Young Ministry Servant Leaders and Mission Volunteers Recollection, November 29-December 1, 2013

During the weekend of November 29th to December 1st, 2013, the Young Ministry Coordinators and Mission Volunteers (MV´s) of the Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL) from all across Europe converged in the historic Pilgrim House in Marianka, Slovakia (few kilometres away from Bratislava) in order to participate in a solemn retreat conducted by Fr. Conrado "Dong" Estafia  and Fr. Onyeka Okoye from the Vienna University. The purpose of the gathering was to receive spiritual nourishment and guidance while at the same time be able to share experiences and support for one another in their ongoing service and mission as an evangelistic community. The focus was to examine and improve one's relationship: specifically, the relationship with God, the relationship with others and the relationship with oneself. At the end, the bitter cold weather of the Carpathian valley could not at all be felt amidst the warmth of friendship and the fire of empowerment and inspiration that all the participants were able to ignite during the memorable weekend.

CFCFFL Vienna concluded its activities for the year by celebrating the community Christmas party on Dec. 7,  at the Haus der Begegnung, Grossfeldsiedlung in the 21st distict of Vienna. The activity was highlighted by the celebration of the Holy Mass officiated by Fr. Michael Mwambegu, concelebrated by Fr. Onyeka Okoye.

By: S. Pajarillaga/L. Castillo/A. Sunaz