A number of Filipinos live with their families in and around Linz, and their community has also been placed under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Ely. On the third Sunday of every month, one of our priests (Father Ely, Father Bong or Father Dongdong) travels to Linz to say mass at

     Pfarre Leonding-Hart-St. Johannes
     A-4060 Linz, Harterfeldstr. 2A

The Linz Community annually prepares the lunch for all faithful who prayed the Stations of the Cross at Pöstlingberg on Good Friday. In 2013, about 160 kababayans from the Vienna community attended this service.

The church at Leonding:.


After Holy Mass, the community sits together to socialize and exchange news and views in typical Filipino fashion over home-made delicacies. The "Linz community" attends some of the services and activities of the community in Vienna, and vice versa.