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Family living in Vienna's 8th district looking for a helper to clean, and babysit their one-year old son; Mondays through Thursdays 08:30-12:30. English and German spoken. Please get in touch with Ms. Esther Younis at +43 664 100 0047 or by email at estheryounis@gmail.com (Ref. 2015.04.29)

Young English-speaking family living in Vienna's environs looking for household help (couple also possible) and possible babysitting (2-year old boy). Live-in possible, apartment and car for shopping available. Please get in touch with Ms. Denise Mora at +43 6991 215 9092, or +44 783 2372448, or by email d.laffchieva@gmail.com. (Ref. 2015.04.29)

Family with 3 children living in Vienna's 18th district looking for a nice, experienced and flexible housekeeper for tidying up, cleaning, ironing and light cooking for approx. 25 hrs per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday starting between 7 and 8 a.m.). Please get in touch with Mrs. Harriet Haupt at
h@haupt-stummer.at or 
+43 664 381 1225 (Ref. 2015.04.10)

Austrian family living in Vienna's 18th district looking for housekeeper who can also help with 2 children (4 and 8 years old); Monday-Friday, either FULL- or part-time (minimum 07:30h-13:30h). Please get in touch with Ms. Hedieh Frischenschlager at hfrischenschlager@yahoo.de or call 0676 303 4533. (Ref.: 2015.02.10)


Young Viennese family living in the 9th district looking for a reliable, flexible and preferably experienced lady to care for small baby and help with light household chores. Full-time can occasionally be required. Long-term commitment needed. Please get in touch with Ms. Huberta Heinzel at huberta.heinzel@europarl.europa.eu. (Ref.: 2014.11.19)

Family living in Vienna's 1st district looking for housekeeper/helper for two mornings or afternoons per week. Please get in touch with Ms. Amanda Duncan at kd9481@netvigator.com. (Ref.: 2014.11.03)

Couple looking for household helper on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 13h-18h, every other week. Apartment is 130 sq.m. in Vienna's 7th district; possibility to work 1 hr afterwards in clinic. Please get in touch with Dr. Sabine Dietrich and Martin Ebner at martinebner500@gmail.com or 0664 282 7621. (Ref: 2014.08.19)

Austrian couple living in Linz-Urfahr looking for household helper (preferably single with no children) for home and garden tasks. Helper will have own living area with kitchen, TV, computer and internet and possibility to be integrated into family. Please get in touch with Mr. Erwin Pammer at erwin.pammer@gmail.com or call +43 (0)732 248496 or (Posted 2014.08.12)

Catholic family living in Vienna's 19th district looking for housekeeper, will provide small apartment. Please get in touch with Mag. Stefanie A. Schurich at 0664 810248. (ref. 2014.05.06)

2013 posts

English- and German-speaking family living in Vienna's 23rd district looking for housekeeper (cleaning, ironing) twice-weekly. Please get in touch with Ms Sabine at lolawuff@aon.at, or call 0660 865 1587.

Small family living in Vienna's 21st district looking for housekeeper (cleaning, cooking and ironing), 15 hours per week. Please get in touch with Ms Pilar Torres at talip77@hotmail.com or call 06991 884 4296.

Young Austrian family looking for housekeeper/babysitter, offering insurance. Now living in Vienna's 6th district, but moving to the 19th district in autumn. Please get in touch with Fam. Golitschek at elisaluxardo@gmx.at or call 0664 838 3429.

Young English-speaking family living in Vienna's 3rd district looking for housekeeper, to also take care of 3-month old son and small dog. Live-in, or -out, with possibility to travel. Please get in touch with Ms Marina Spitzy at marinavaughan@me.com or call 0664 1242429.

Austrian family living in Vienna's 19th district looking for housekeeper who can also look after 4-month old son. We will move in April 2014 to a house 7 km outside of Vienna. In both locations accommodations for the helper are available, as well as a car (driving licence needed). German needed, and some English. Please get in touch with Mrs. Stiehl at lucie.stiehl@gmail.com or call 0664 887 27735. (Posted on 2014.01.20)

We are looking for three live-in household helpers for Vienna 1st district apartments and offices. Apartment will be provided in 1st district. Please get in touch with Ms Sylvia Patsch of Tobe Grade International GmbH at 0664 281 6568. (Posted on 2013.12.14)

Austrian family living in Lower Austria  (45 min. from Vienna) is looking for a long-term helper (live-in or -out) for children and household (cooking, ironing and cleaning). Please apply with CV and photos to glamuri@gmx.at, or get in touch with Ms. Barbara Reisch at 0664 4160272. (Posted on 2013.09.30)

We are looking for a housekeeper/maid to help us in our house in Lower Austria (approx. 1 hr by train, or 40 mins. by car from Vienna). The position could be live-in, we have a separate flat. Please get in touch with Ms. Alison Traun at 0664 3057918 or alatraun@gmail.com. (Posted on 2013.07.22)

Our English-speaking family is looking for part- or full-time assistance for our 9-year old boy and 3-bedroom apartment in Vienna's 1st district, 2 mins. walk from Stephansplatz. Please get in touch with Ms. Pei Yang at lulypei@yahoo.com or 0676 380 0300. (Posted on 2013.07.15)

We are looking for a young guy who will live in our house and take care of the dog. We will also pay German school, if wanted. Please get in touch with Mr. Klaus Köllner at kk@kkoellner.com or 0664 454 2454. (Posted 2013.05.13)

Gesucht wird ein Hausarbeiter, mit Gepäckträgertätigkeit, ab sofort, 40 Std/Woche, bis Anfang/Mitte März. Kontaktperson: Hr. Markus Terkovicz, Opera Suites (Kärnterstrasse) Mobil 0664 117 5885, oder email an: office@operasuites.at. (Posted on 2013.02.13)


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